Intro to AIReal Yoga



Let go, let the hammock support you

  For many of you, this will be your first time in a hammock. For others, this will be about introducing foundational concepts you can work into your current AIReal practice. Either way, this is about finding comfort in your silk and creating an unbridled space for you to explore and re-imagine what a yoga practice can be.

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What you'll learn


  • How to achieve the deepest and most restorative savasana you’ve ever experienced
  • How to control your breath for greater oxygen absorption into the lungsHow to use your hammock to modify poses for greater range of motion or extra support for injuries
  • A gentle and safe, powerful and relaxing progression that can become the basis of your daily routine and practice
  • How your hammock can be a guide for proper alignment of the head, neck, spine, and legs
  • Foundational principles that are the bedrock of an expansive internal and external AIReal practice

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