Wheel Pose Workshop



Open your heart

  Life is a balance of letting go and holding on. But how do you choose?
Wheel pose is a deep backbend and heart opener. First, we warmup through movement so we can be ready to receive the wisdom this pose provides. Only when we are at peak exertion do we let the hammock take over and tap into the child-like joy this pose creates.

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What you'll learn


  • How to strengthen and lengthen the muscles around the spine helping to increase overall back flexibility
  • How to control your breath for greater oxygen absorption into the lungs
  • How to help heal broken hearts from our past while allowing ourselves new opportunities for love
  • How to stimulate the thyroid and pituitary for greater calm, comfort, and relaxation
  • What the correct alignment of your posture is, helping you to create space around each vertebrae, keeping you feeling healthy and young

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