AIReal Assist




 AIReal Assist  is led by Carmen and Geoff Helms, the renowned physical therapist, body-worker and acupuncturist. This module focuses on assisting students as they transition between postures. Using advanced touch techniques and suggested scripts, you will learn how to confidently and effectively guide a class or individual student in their practice. Learn the proper form of postures and how to assist your students in finding them. Discover how to enter and exit your hammock safely, with hands on instruction for getting the most from your AIReal practice. Your training includes a detailed manual and videos for you to follow along with and refine your work at home. You will learn how to perform the assists, and the best method for disseminating that information to your students. Whether you are looking to go on a personal deep dive or are looking to grow your knowledge to share with others, this is a unique opportunity to learn how to best translate and transmit your experience.

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Learn how to:


Clarify verbal cues

Offer support

Spot students properly

Safely increase range of motion

Reduce fear

Help correct alignment 

Increase confidence

Cultivate enhanced energy

Redirect awareness to the breath

Build trust

Help calm, relax, and soften

Create stability 


What you'll get:


  • Complete Manual; includes photos and descriptions with in-depth breakdowns of postures and sequences
  • An introduction to therapeutic Touch and Release oriented movement: learn advanced hands-on approaches to sooth, add comfort and help relax students

  • Methods for best safety practices in the hammock

  • Discussions on anatomical landmarks to learn how to better assist your students  

  • Exploration and practice of the mechanics of touch and of applying touch to your partner, students or clients

  • Guidelines and key points of approach, posture, and execution for safe assisting of your students and partners

  • Continued education units with Yoga Alliance.

What skills you'll gain:


  • How to perform fundamental hands on adjustments, safe spotting techniques, and hands on advanced assists
  • Basic bodywork and massage techniques
  • Methodology for correcting the postures with empathy, letting your students release into the practice instead of worrying about getting it right

  • A strong foundation to assist with strength, knowledge and an open and compassionate heart on the floor and in the air



As yogis, we never stop learning and we never stop growing. After your initial AIReal Assist training, continuing to refine and enhance your practice is the most important thing you can do for continued success.


The Total Teacher’s Package (TT Package) includes the AIReal 50 Hour Training, AIReal Assist, AIReal Restore and one free year of membership to our AIReal Online Membership, featuring unlimited viewing of our entire class catalogue and in-depth lesson plans and instructions for you to follow along with. 


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