Seated Revolutions



Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are – Jayson Crandell

The benefits of twists and revolutions are abundant. The positive stress they impart to the organs leads to greater blood flow, less toxins, and better overall function. But like any more active movement, safety and proper alignment are key to accessing the full benefits of the postures. In this hour-long practice we incorporate rotations and twists, using the hammock to refine the posture, bring some support and allow us to find the proper expression of the poses.

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What you'll learn


  • Gentle, refining, and restorative postures that incorporate active components
  • Proper activation and exercise of the core, the sides and the lower back
  • How to open the legs in order to access the full expression of the twist
  • Lengthening and strengthening techniques focused on your spine and midline

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